Winter workshops

As some of you already know we close the Hen House to guests during the winter months;  cosy and romantic as it is with the log burner roaring, we need to paint, catch up on vital maintenance, and it’s a chance to use the fabulous

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Month of May

May seems to be the month when it all starts to happen, and suddenly from the gloom of a long winter there is now so much on you wonder how you are going to fit in everything you want to do. Festival season gets under

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At last the hens are laying again! Throughout the winter months we have barely had an egg and the odd one we did get probably worked out at £5 each! The trouble is that once you’ve had chickens and tasted how delicious their deep yellowy-orange yolks are, buying them really isn’t an option.

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close up of wild daffodils growing in the field

Daffodil weekend

Barely finished typing how I hope we are going to be busy this year and two bookings came in!! So I really must get my act together now as I am going away for a fortnight and leaving my husband in charge. Am feeling a little guilty as he will be coping with Sid (puppy) who is coming on Friday, along with everything else, so I must make sure it is as easy as possible for him.

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Sid the puppy

It’s all go here

It’s all go here; almost finished redecorating the Hen House in readiness for the new season, after closing for the winter. Just the windows to clean, fill the log basket and make up the bed and then wait for bookings! I am hoping we have another busy year with interesting guests……we have been so lucky and everyone was lovely, and seemed to really enjoy the novelty of staying in a former chicken shed, which is always such a relief!

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